Suhr Scott Henderson Signature Classic S Guitar, Fiesta Orange

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The Suhr Scott Henderson Signature Classic guitar is here at Humbucker Music!

John Suhr has been building highly modified Classic S guitars for legendary award winning Jazz and Blues guitarist Scott Henderson since 1991. When John started Suhr Guitars twenty years ago, Scott was his first endorser. After building a number of iterations over the years, John and Scott have honed Scott’s particular guitar specs to what they are today and now we are making Scott’s Signature guitar available to everyone.

The Scott Henderson Signature Classic features a Roasted Maple neck and Indian Rosewood fingerboard. The neck is finished with our satin acrylic urethane, which provides the smooth feel of natural wood as well as protection from moisture.

Serial Number: 68545
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz

Neck Profile: D Shape Neck (.800-.880)  Scott needs a neck that is equally at home with both chords and solo lines. His favorite Suhr neck profile is the D shape with a straight 16″ radius.
Frets:  Jumbo Nickel (.057 x .110)  Scott’s fret of choice is the Jumbo Nickel. This tall and wide fretwire makes for easy string bending and comfortable sliding. Every Suhr receives a PLEK fret dress, ensuring the best possible string action, playability and intonation.

Contoured Heel: The contoured heel allows for easier access to the upper register. For optimum tone and stability, the neck joint must not be too tight or too loose, therefore all of our neck pockets are precisely fitted by hand, by expert craftsmen.

Lightweight Alder Body: Body weight is important to Scott, so we take great care to procure Alder that will produce a guitar that is close to the weight of Scott’s actual instruments.

Finish: Suhr's finishing process provides an unparalleled combination of protection, beauty, and tone. Great care is taken to ensure that the thinnest possible layers of finish are applied. This allows the wood to resonate freely while still providing ample protection.

SSCII Equipped:  The SSCII is our proprietary silent single coil system. The SSCII is installed inside the body of the guitar and works with traditional single coil pickups. It reduces 60 cycle hum and has no impact on tone, no batteries to change – just transparent noise reduction.

Hardware & Electronics: A highly modified Fender® bridge and unique electronics configuration are at the heart of Scott Henderson’s signature Suhr. Superb tuning stability, vintage tones, and incredible tremolo range come together to create the ultimate blend of vintage sound and modern refinement.

Modified Fender Bridge:  Every detail is here, from the thicker and shorter steel tremolo arm, to painstakingly drilling the six mounting screw holes bigger, and installing the mounting screws in a way that makes the bridge stay exceptionally in tune.

Custom Steel Block: Regarding his steel block, Scott says, “We meticulously remove all of the paint from the steel block, making the guitar sound much clearer. No paint was ever used on the blocks of vintage guitars.”
Increased Tremolo Range: The bridge is angled off the body in order to allow for a major third pull up on the G string. Wood inside the tremolo cavity is manually removed to increase the downward range of the bar.
Suhr ML Standard Pickups: The ML Standard single-coil pickup is overwound for more output and sustain and features our proprietary modified staggered pole piece design to provide an even magnetic field. All Scott Henderson models feature three equal output ML Standard pickups for tonal consistency when switching from one pickup to another.
Signature Headstock: Equipped with staggered Suhr Locking Tuners, which provide an 18:1 gear ratio, improved tuning stability, and no need for a traditional string tree.
Every Henderson model has Scott’s signature laser engraved on the back of the headstock.
  • Body: Hand-selected lightweight Alder Body
  • Side jack
  • No trem cover
  • No plastic beneath neck plate
  • Neck: Roasted Maple neck w/ Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • 16" fingerboard radius
  • Jumbo nickel frets
  • D shape .800 - .880 back shape
  • Electronics: SSCII, Vol, Tone, Tone, 5-way - No Tone on Positions 2 & 4, No treble bleed circuit
  • "Not hot" bridge pickup
  • Modified Fender 6-screw bridge
  • Custom hand-made steel tremolo arm (Thicker gauge, Shorter length)
  • Deep-drilled steel tremolo block
  • Modified mounting holes for increased tuning stability
  • Trem cavity hand-routed for increased tremolo range
  • G&G Hardshell Case