Suhr Hedgehog 50 Head

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The Suhr Hedgehog 50 Head is the result of many years of research and perfection by John Suhr. With a distinct nod to the early blackface-era, hot-rodded American tone tradition, the Suhr Hedgehog is designed to offer guitar players the utmost versatile tone. The Hedgehog is a modern all-tube, 50 watt single-channel amplifier that features a cascaded overdrive section, four voicings, and a series/parallel effects loop - all of which are easily programmable.

This programmability truly sets the Suhr Hedgehog 50 apart from it's competitors.  The ability to select and program overdrive, voicing and effects loop options is something never seen before, and offers guitar players a diverse selection of clean and dirty tones from a single-channel amplifier.  

You can instantly store up to six presets by simply pressing a button on the front panel.  Four of these presets are accessible via a 4 button footswitch (included).

Essentially, the Suhr Hedgehog is built to deliver a wide variety of tonal options that include: punchy full-bodied cleans, thick overdrive with complex mids, and harmonically rich leads with incredible sustain. It combines the simplicity of a single channel control layout with comprehensive MIDI functionality - making it a snap to dial in and store great tones.

Channels: One
Modes: Two
Output: 50 Watts
Tubes: 2 x 5881 (Power Section), 4 x 12AX7 (Preamp Section)
Front Panel: Input, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain, Level, Master, Presence, Bright, Boost, Mid, Deep, Series, Mix, Store, On/Standby and On/Off
Back Panel: MIDI: Thru, In/FS, 2 x Speaker Outputs, Impedance Selector:(4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω)
Effects Loop: Return Level, Return, Send, Loop Level (INST/LINE), HT Fuse, Mains Fuse and Mains Input Inlet
Dimensions: 22 5/8" Wide x 10.5" Deep x 9" High
Weight: 44 lbs.