Pedaltrain MINI Pedal Board with Soft Case

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$ 69.95 
Construction -This revolutionary new pedalboard is constructed of durable aluminum alloy, one of the strongest and lightest metals in the world. Each PEDALTRAIN frame weighs less than the same size piece of 3/4 plywood. There are no moving parts to loosen or wear out. With a durable powdercoat finish the PEDALTRAIN will last a lifetime.

Versatile Design - The unique, open frame, elevated design provides added flexibility when configuring the layout of the effects. Your connecting cables can be neatly routed over, under, and through the open slots in the top surface area of the PEDALTRAIN to keep the risk of possible accidental disconnection to a minimum. Pedals may be added, removed, rearranged, or bypassed quickly and easily.  The PEDALTRAIN includes plenty of industrial grade, adhesive backed, hook and loop material, along with detailed instructions to make setup fast and efficient. You can easily and securely mount virtually any effects pedal, volume or wah pedal, or other device, such as a pedal power supply, channel switcher, power strip, direct box, or wireless receiver.

For those of you who need a bit more space to fit a few more pedals than will fix on the PT-NANO, PEDALTRAIN has the PT-MINI available for you. This is still a very portable pedal board, but with enough space to fit a volume or wah pedal and a few other quintessential pedals.

Frame: 20x7x1 inches / weight 2 lbs.
Soft Case: 21x8.5x6 inches / weight 3.5 lbs.