Moog VX-351 Voyager CV Expander



$ 259.00 


The Moog VX-351 connects to the Voyager's accessory port with the included detachable cable. It houses twenty-one one-quarter inch jacks that are connected to the Voyager's CV and Gate outputs in a CP-251 sized enclosure with an optional rack mount kit. It also includes two 4-way mults and two attenuators. Adding this to your Voyager adds the capabilities of a modular synthesizer. Think: if Voyager = infinite sound possibilities, then Voyager + VX-351 = infinity2.

(1) DB-25 cable for connection to the Voyager's accessory port

(19 ) Control Voltage outputs

- Keyboard Pitch (w/ internal trim to calibrate to 1 V/Octave)
- Keyboard Velocity
- Keyboard Afterpressure
- Touch Surface X
- Touch Surface Y
- Touch Surface A (area)
- Pitch Bend Wheel
- Mod Wheel
- MOD 1 signal (signal at Voyager MOD 1 input)
- MOD 2 signal (signal at Voyager MOD 2 input)
- LFO triangle wave
- LFO square wave
- Mod Wheel Mod Buss output
- Pedal/On Mod Buss output
- Filter Envelope
- Volume envelope
- Sample and Hold Step
- Sample and Hold Smooth
- Noise

(2) Gate outputs

- Keyboard Gate
- Touch Surface Gate

(2) Attenuators


- Rack mount kit
Mount a VX-351, or a VX-351 and a CP-251 in a standard 19" rack. Height is three standard rack spaces. Includes power harness to power a CP-251 from the Voyager.