Morgan SW50R Head - Twilight

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The Morgan SW50R Head started as a project to clone a customer's valuable Dumble amp and quickly turned into this line of massive clean tone machines. The amps in the Morgan SW series amps all have an impressive amount of clean headroom across the board. At cranked levels it's still possible get moderate power tube saturation, but what these amps excel at is that fat percussive clean tone that's not only usable on it's own, but really devours pedals to create a whole new pallet of tones.  This reverb version of the SW50 adds a luscious tube driven three spring reverb.

The SW50R is powered by 6L6 tubes, giving it a slightly more stiff response when compared to the SW22 which uses 6V6 tubes. The higher wattage of the 6L6 power section also provides a noticeable increase in clean headroom over the SW22.

The SW50R delivers ultra-sensitive pick attack and singing sustain.  Intentionally designed to be very clean, it is still capable of producing a warm compressed natural overdrive. The SW50R utilizes a special level control that controls the amount of gain available in the power section.  After about 3 o’clock on the dial you begin to add overdrive to the output stage. This allows you to use the level control at lower volumes without sacrificing your tone. The bass, mid and treble controls interact with each other to give you a wide range of tones. The Bass Emphasis switch changes the center point of the mid frequencies allowing you to get even more bass out of the amp. The bright switch is designed to bring in enough top end for even the darkest guitar but without adding any ice picky highs. This amp was designed to be that familiar black face styled tone from the mid 60’s but with added clarity and string to string definition that is unrivaled in any similar design.


Power Output: SW50/SW50R:  50 Watts
Output Tubes: SW50/SW50R:  2 x 6L6
Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Level (Master Volume), Reverb (on reverb models)
Additional Controls: Bright Switch, Bass Emphasis Switch
Features: Mercury Magnetics Transformers
Hand-Made, Hand Selected Coupling Caps
Carbon Comp resistors
Circuit construction: Hand-wired, hand Built is the USA
Cab Construction: Dovetail Birch ply cabinet