Morgan AC20 Head, Black

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The Morgan AC20 Amp is a deceptively simple hand-wired in the USA amplifier that is capable of producing a myriad of early 60s British tones. Plug into the AC20 and instantly notice the familiar chime and compression of the cathode biased Class A EL-84 driven output section. The amplifier’s extreme touch-sensitivity allows you to coax clean tones even at the highest of gain settings.

Power Output:  Variable Power - 0.25 - 20w, Cathode Biased Class A
Output Tubes:  2 x EL84
Preamp Tubes:  2 x 12AX7
Controls:  Volume, Cut, Bright & Bass Cut Switch
Additional Controls:  Power Scaling Control
Features:  Mercury Magnetics Transformers, Hand-Made Coupling Caps
Head Dimensions:  17" W x 9.75" H x 7.5" D
Weight: 25 lbs

Warranty  5-Year Warranty