Moog One Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer - 8 Voice

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Yes, we do have Moog One 8 Voice Synthesizers in stock now! 

The Moog One Poly Synth is the first polyphonic synthesizer from Moog Music in over 35 years, and we can't tell you how excited we here at Humbucker Music are to see this!  It's been several decades in the making, and the result certainly shows.

The Moog One has more tonal possibilities than we've ever seen in a synth. Using new patent pending technology, Moog has created a synth capable of surpassing anything they've ever done to date by a long shot!  

The Moog One is available in both 8 Voice, or 16 Voice formats. 

Every Moog One preset is a self-contained creative environment, recalling a unique configuration of parameter settings, sequencer programs, arpeggiator patterns, key splits, modulation routings, effects combinations, voice allocations, and timbral assignments. 64 presets can be loaded into the front panel “Performance Set” module for instant selection, while thousands of presets can be stored to the instrument’s internal browser, complete with searchable categories, tags, and notations. This order of complexity has never been this accessible.

With over 200 tactile front panel knobs and switches, Moog One is intuitively designed to simplify the process so that artistry is not hindered by technology. From the “Destination” button that invites the effortless creation of quick modulation assignments, to the onboard Mod Matrix that gives instant visual feedback for every possible combination of synthesis components within the system, each design element of Moog One has been chosen with care to inspire creativity through the freedom of unrestrained sonic exploration. A deeply immersive sound design tool, a powerful performance instrument -- Moog One is a dynamic conduit for the expression of one’s own unique creative voice.

Taking support to new levels, Moog One features a rear panel ethernet port that enables the synthesizer to connect directly to its source and “Phone Home” to the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC, allowing Moog technicians to perform remote diagnostics and service routines should they ever be needed. This direct real-time connection is mirrored through, a new portal for communication that empowers visitors to engage directly in conversation with us here inside the Moog Factory -- ask questions, give feedback, discover new techniques, share experiences, and learn more about Moog synthesizers.