Moog Synthesizer IIIc Limited Edition Reissue Modular Synthesizer

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Throughout the 1960s, Dr. Robert Moog collaborated with over 100 composers of electroacoustic music to create the synthesizer concept, born of thousands of design decisions and countless conversations. At the time, the available method of producing electronic music was the “classical studio,” a makeshift production environment cobbled together from individual electronic sound-generators such as surplus telecommunications devices, radio equipment, and early tape machines. Moog and the musicians he worked with streamlined this classical studio technique into a system of standardized sound modules.

In 1965, Bob Moog began taking orders for individual modules and customized modular systems. By 1967, he and a team of ten skilled technicians were hand-building production models in an unassuming brick storefront in Trumansburg, NY. The cutting-edge musical instruments that they called “synthesizers” signaled electronic music’s maturation from an awkward and shy intruder in the realm of music to a dynamic and significant medium of musical expression.

The first models were aptly named Synthesizer I, II, and III. With the introduction of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc -- the “c” referring to the walnut “console” cabinet -- musicians could purchase a complete instrument pre-configured for logical access to a range of facilities usually associated with the largest classical studios.

Each synthesizer took weeks of patient, steady crafting to complete, but the payoff would be rich -- a tool that would change the landscape of music.

The world got turned on to the idea of the synthesizer -- and electronic music -- through the visionary works of experimental musicians like Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita. Sonic masterpieces like Switched On Bach and Snowflakes Are Dancing were made possible by the early modular Moog Synthesizers. These original modular systems designed by Bob Moog are inimitable in sonic character and remain highly coveted for their limitless reconfigurability and vibrantly organic musicality.

Fifty years later, we are proud to announce the return of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc to production for a very limited time.

Every Synthesizer IIIc will be built using all-original documentation, art, and circuit board files. Each instrument features thirty-six hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules, including ten 901-Series audio oscillators, the 984 Matrix Mixer, and the 905 Spring Reverb. All modules are securely mounted into two hand-finished, solid walnut console cabinets at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC.

Moog Synthesizer IIIc production is highly limited. Only 25 units will be produced and sold worldwide. 

Moog IIIc Modular Synthesizer Features:
  • Hand-wired in the US using legacy parts and original assembly methods
  • Features the coveted 901-series voltage-controlled oscillator
  • A meticulous re-creation from original documentation, circuit board schematics, and art files
  • Handcrafted using traditional manufacturing techniques
  • 36 hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules custom mounted and hand-wired in two hand-finished, solid-walnut cabinets
  • 10 discrete 901-series oscillators (sought-after for their organic sound; not found in the System 55, System 35, or Model 15)
  • 905 Spring Reverb module (enhances any sound with captivating, piano-like trails; not found in the System 55, System 35, or Model 15)
  • 4 x CP3 mixers (not found in the System 55, System 35, or Model 15)
  • 984 4-channel Matrix Mixer (for parallel processing, includes dedicated bass and treble controls; not found in the System 55, System 35, or Model 15)
  • 100% discrete design (no op-amps; not true of System 55, System 35, and Model 15)
  • Built and behaves exactly like the original; exhibits the tuning instability and interference susceptibility inherent in the design
  • Includes patch cables; 953 Duophonic Keyboard Controller available separately
Included Modules
  • 1x 901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • 3x 901A Oscillator Controllers
  • 9x 901B Oscillators
  • 3x 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
  • 1x 903A Random Signal Generator
  • 1x 904A Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter
  • 1x 904B Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
  • 1x 904C Filter Coupler
  • 1x 905 Reverberation Unit
  • 3x 911 Envelope Generators
  • 1x 911A Dual Trigger Delay
  • 1x 912 Envelope Follower
  • 1x 914 Extended Range Fixed Filter Bank
  • 1x 984 Four Channel Mixer
  • 1x 992 Control Voltage/Attenuator Panel
  • 1x 993 Trigger & Envelope Voltages Panel
4x Console Panel No. 3, each including:
  • 4-input mixer with + and – outputs
  • 2 Trunklines
  • Control Voltage Switches
  • Attenuator
  • Click Filter
1x Console Panel No. 2 including:
  • Lowpass and Highpass Filters
  • Jack Multiples
  • 3 Control Voltage and Trigger Outputs
  • 1x Console Panel No. 8 including
  • Power Switch
Included Patch Cables
  • 14x 1 ft.Cables
  • 8x 2 ft. Cables
  • 6x 3 ft. Cables
  • 6x 4 ft. Cables
  • 4x 5 ft. Cables
  • 2x 1 ft. S-Trigger Cables
  • 3x 3 ft. S-Trigger Cables