Moog Minimoog Voyager Select Blue - Antique Tiger Oak - #2498

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The Quarter Sawn Tiger Oak Voyager Select synth is very limited! Only 20 will be available worldwide.

We teamed up with Moog to bring you a truly unique rendition of the much loved Voyager Synthesizer.

Why Quarter Sawn Tiger Oak?

Well, quartersawn oak was a key feature of the decorative style of the American Arts and Crafts movement, particularly the work of Gustav Stickley, who is easily considered one of the finest furniture builders ever. He felt it was superior to any other wood used in furniture making. Cheaper copies of Stickley's furniture were sometimes made with the less-expensive woods stained to resemble oak, but it can be identified by its lack of "tiger striping".

Quarter Sawn oak, while somewhat expensive, has two distinct advantages:

(1) It is considerably stronger and more resistant against warping with changes in humidity, and
(2) It can produce beautiful ray flake in the grain, often called tiger stripes.
(3) It practically screams retro!

Sourcing the Wood

This wasn't exactly an easy task. Tiger Oak doesn't exactly grow on trees. Wait! Scratch that. You know what we mean... Anyway, in order to do this, we worked with Moog and their woodshop supplier. We specified the wood, and we prototyped a few finishes back and forth until it met our specs.

"One of my hobbies is collecting old tiger oak pieces of furniture, so I had a very distinct finish in mind that I wanted to see on these enclosures. I'm very happy with the outcome, and the first one is going home with me!" - Jake Langston, Head Dishwasher, Humbucker Music

Yeah, yeah. We get it. What about the Voyager itself?

This special Minimoog Voyager features a stunning backlit panel. This fantastic-looking package is only part of the appeal of the Minimoog Voyager, which includes V3.5 updates (including editor/librarian software) to bring it into the present day with equal parts style and functionality. The latest version has seven banks of 128 presets, for a total of 896. Of these, 704 come pre-loaded with patches from dozens of luminaries from the keyboard world. MIDI enhancements actually give the Minimoog Voyager the ability to work better with older MIDI equipment. Get an incredible synth experience with this Humbucker Music exclusive Minimoog Voyager Select Tiger Oak model.

Minimoog Voyager Select Analog Synth Features:

  • Quarter Sawn Tiger Oak!
  • Version 3.5 - Very latest software updates
  • Monophonic analog performance synthesizer
  • MIDI data output reduction option from touch surface (enables Voyager to work better with older MIDI equipment)
  • MIDI enhancement allows 7 or 14-bit resolution from mod wheel
  • Seven banks of 128 presets, 704 pre-loaded with special patches
  • External mixer knob with dual function allows rapid preset changes