Moog MF-104M Moogerfooger Analog Delay



$ 789.00 

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 *Humbucker Music is LUCKY enough to grab a few Brand New MF-104M's that just became available!*


   In 2000 we saw the release of the Classic MF-104 Analog Delay from Bob Moog. This delay was manufactured as a limited edition run with only 1000 units available. A special bucket brigade delay chip was used in the design that allowed the delay to remain completely analog, but the supply of these chips did not last and the final MF-104 left Moog in 2001. Since then there have been two very limited reissues of this classic delay, the MF-104Z and the MF-104SD. All of these have been added to the list of "most sought after delays in history".

  In 2012, Moog released the MF-104M. This reissue recreates the sound and vibe of the Classic MF-104, and it even uses the same vintage “Bucket Brigade” delay chips found in the original. It provides 800ms of the richest, creamiest, all analog delay on the planet.

Here are a few features of the MF-104M:

   A new 6 Waveshape LFO significantly expands the sonic capabilities of this classic analog delay. Use it to create expansive delays, beautifully modulate the delay trails, or create sounds and delays that are simply like no other.

   One of the most popular modifications to the MF-104 was the Spillover Mode. That modification is now standard on the MF-104M, so you can choose on the fly whether or not your delay trail ends or continues when you disengage the pedal.

   A dedicated Tap Tempo switch allows you to tap in your Delay Time or LFO Rate, and the addition of MIDI brings a whole new level of control and function to the MF-104M. You can use it to control and manipulate every function of the pedal inside and out. It also allows you to encorporate a great analog delay into your studio production rig.

   The rear panel includes CV/Expression Pedal inputs which allows you to have hands free control of the Time, Rate, Feedback, Amount, and Mix. Like all Moogerfoogers, you can connect Moog EP2 expression pedals to any of these CV/Expression inputs to control functions, or connect other Moogerfoogers and create new effects.

   Additionally, you can patch other pedals or outboard effects into the Feedback Insert to effect the delay line for an almost endless amount of creativity.

The MF-104M is a Limited Edition run so it won't last long. Get yours today!