Milkman The Amp 50 Watt Head Pedal



$ 699.00 

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The Amp from Milkman is a 50 watt guitar amps based around a 12AX7 running at high voltage in a discrete Class A circuit.  The tube preamp reascts with a guitar the same way that any tube amplifier does: it generates sweet sounding harmonically rich tones!  Along with the tube EQ, there is an on-board reverb and tremolo effects so that The Amp can be used as a grab and go amplifier. The Class D power section delivers 50 watts into 8 Ohms or 100 watts into 4 Ohms.
The Amp also has an integrated headphone amplifier that sounds identical to the speaker output making it perfect for practice or pedal auditioning.  The Amp can also operate without a speaker attached so it can live on your pedalboard and go where ever you and your pedals go.  The internal XLR delivers a balanced line level out that is very straight forward and very simple to get great tones from the preamp and use it as the front end of a modeling system, recording setup or for playing direct on stage.  The Amp also has a pedal level output where it can be used as the front end of a pedal board or as an amp like effect on the back end of a pedalboard.  There is no substitute for the meeting of a guitar pickup and the first stage of a tube amplifier.  Using the Amp at the front of a signal chain will add harmonics and musicality to the entire chain.

Weight:  2.5 lbs