Milkman Sideman 50W 1x12 Combo - Black & Silver

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The new Milkman Sideman 50 is a brand new single channel amp that is essentially a full featured version of his popular 40W Pedal Steel Mini.

While very similar, there are some notable differences between the two. The preamp circuit and overall voicing is the same as the 40W Mini, however the Sideman has larger transformers and runs at slightly higher voltages inside. That, coupled with its larger speaker baffle gives the Sideman an impressive amount of power for how small and light it is. Similar to the Mini, you can run a 5AR4 rectifier or a solid state plug in rectifier in place.

The Sideman comes in a 1x12 combo that weighs about 41lbs, features a 3 band EQ with bright switch, and has a 2 knob reverb system with dwell and blend controls. Dwell allows you to lightly drive the tank when running the preamp hot. Another addition to the Sideman is rich, deep, bias modulating tremolo. The amplifier comes with the custom Milkman two button foot switch, and a removable IEC type power cord.

The Sideman is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter capacitors. The combination of a pine cabinet and efficient speakers keeps the weight down to about 41lbs while putting out a considerable amount of volume, and fantastic guitar tone.

WATTAGE:  50W Class AB
SPEAKER:  1x12” Jupiter Ceramic, Jupiter Alnico, or Celestion Alnico Cream
EFFECTS:  Tube driven spring reverb with dual knob control,  Bias modulating tube tremolo
DIMS & WEIGHT: 23-7/8" W x 19-3/4" H x 9-1/2" D - 41lbs