Milkman Pedal Steel Mini 40 1x12 Combo - Classic Tweed



$ 2,999.00 

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The Milkman Pedal Steel Mini is a compact lightweight version of the Milkman 85W Pedal Steel Amplifier. Boasting 40W, the amp has half the power - nearly half the weight - but the same full tone as its big brother. This means you can crank the amp up to the sweet spot without tearing the paint off the walls, and easily bring the amp to the gig without tearing the muscles in your arm.

The Mini is able to harness the power of a pair of 6L6 output tubes by driving them with a long tail phase inverter. The output section is grid biased, and has a large amount of negative feedback for extra high headroom. Its the same physical size and weight as the Creamer, but the tone has a bit more punch and sparkle on the top end because of the different power section and amp voicing.

The Pedal Steel Mini is one of the most unique amplifiers on the market today. Nothing is sacrificed in order to get this much tone into a small package. The chassis is hand wired onto a turret board using Jupiter capacitors and Mercury Magnetics transformers. The tube reverb section is deep and powerful with the additional tone control, and whether you are playing the amp clean or broken up, the sound is 3 dimensional. You won't believe how big this amp thinks it is!

Like all Milkman amplifiers, the Pedal Steel Mini is built using the finest possible components onto a turret board, and is hand wired with cloth covered wire.

About the finish: Classy, Classic, and rugged. Tweed is a great alternative to tolex coverings because looks great, and offers a little more protection for the pine cabinet. The Milkman Classic Tweed option is particularly gorgeous with the faux walnut wood grain faceplate. Tinted lacquer dyes the tweed and makes for a very unique looking amplifier!

Cabinet and Finish: Pine Cabinet, Lacquered Tweed, Walnut Faceplate, 

Wattage: 40 W Class AB
Speaker: 12" Jupiter Ceramic 4 ohm
Effects: Tube Spring Reverb.
Dimensions and Weight: 19-7/8" W x 16" H x 9-1/2" D - 32 lbs