Milkman One Watt Plus 10 Watt 1x12 Combo - Vanilla



$ 1,599.00 

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To call the Milkman One Watt Plus Combo amplifier a one watt amp is actually a bit of a misnomer. The output wattage is actually 1-18 watts.  What the heck, right?  Keep reading...  It'll make more sense in just a moment.

The One Watt Plus utilized a duet of 6V6 tubes running in parallel for 10 watts of clean power, and 18 watts of harmonically rich overdriven power. Onboard power scaling drops the amp from 10 watts down to 1 watt so you can get the grind at bedroom volume with no change in tone. 

The One Watt Plus combo also uses a 12" speaker as opposed to the 10" used in the older One Watt. A bigger cabinet translates into a bigger sound with more depth. The Jupiter small magnet ceramic is transparent with a scooped sound and very vintage. Upgrade to a Celestion Alnico Blue, and this amplifier becomes a rock box with added midrange focus and punch. 

More Class: The One Watt Plus has true Class A, single ended design. Both 6V6 power tubes run in parallel for a very dynamic and touch sensitive playing experience rich with even order harmonics. 

Like all Milkman amplifiers, the One Watt is hand wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter Capacitors standard. It is build into a custom aluminum chassis and housed in a Pine cabinet. 

As for the controls, The One Watt Plus is the most simple Milkman amplifier to use. Three knobs to control volume treble and bass, and a fourth to set the power level for the output. Easy and done! Got a lot of pedals and need to play at home, during worship, or in studio? This is your little secret weapon.

Many guitar players have come to the same realization over the years: if you want a huge guitar sound in the studio, you need to use a small amp! The One Watt Plus is a stunning example of what a small amplifier can sound like. Its got extended headroom, Class A single ended crunch, and plenty of touch sensitivity from the 5Y3 tube rectifier.

Output Wattage: 10W Class A
Speaker:  12” Ceramic Jupiter Speaker (optional Celestion Alnico Blue +$100)
Attenuation:  Voltage Controlled Power Scaling
Dimensions:  19-7/8" W x 16" H x 9-1/2" D
Weight: 21 lbs (25 lbs with Alnico Blue)