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Mesa Boogie

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Get your Mesa Boogie Rosette Acoustic Amp from Humbucker Music. We're one of the largest Mesa Boogie dealers in the world with many custom colors to choose from!

​The Rosette is a dedicated acoustic instrument platform designed not just for acoustic guitars, but also for mandolin, ukulele, violin/fiddle, dulcimer, cello, upright bass and other uniquely acoustic instruments. Unlike electric guitar amplifiers that offer enhancements and/ or re-voicings, Mesa believed that there was no reason to "enhance" the sound of an acoustic instrument, but rather… simply reproduce it.
Rosette Features:

FRONT PANEL - Architecture straight from high-end recording console designs. Mesa​ chose dedicated, time-tested designs, proven over decades of great recordings, to deliver the uncompromised, accurate truth.
​ ​
In the MIC Input of Channel 1, a rugged, professional XLR jack uses a dual discrete transistor pair for the trans-conductance Input stage. Because microphones are low impedance transducers, the noise current specification must be at the top of the design list for the best noise performance and Tone.
​ ​
Channels 1 and 2 feature input stage circuitry optimized for the impedance requirements of today’s (and yesterday’s) popular acoustic guitar pickups. A current source biased FET input stage was selected for this application as high impedance transducers require the noise voltage specification be the first consideration for optimal performance and Tone.​ ​

MUTE and PHASE switches accompany each channel’s Input features. Channel 1’s Input options are selected by the MIC/LINE switch, which determines the Input architecture.
​ ​
GAIN adjusts the input gain level for each channel and the FX SEND determines the amount of that signal to be routed to the internal Effects Processor or the SEND of the EXTERNAL EFFECTS LOOP.
​ ​
The HI-PASS Filter reduces​ or eliminates​ low-end feedback and tone issues before they can arise or be exacerbated with unintentional overuse of the EQ section. HI-PASS allows you to dial out the over-resonant, tubby frequencies that often create unwanted feedback, especially in bigger, more resonant guitars and acoustic instruments.
​ ​
The professional 4-Band EQ Section provides the same degree of shaping power found in upscale recording or live sound consoles and together with the optimized INPUT circuitry, creates two impressive Channel Strips for amplifying acoustic instruments. The separate LOW and HIGH semi-parametric MID Bands allow specific control over a wide range of frequencies and can easily overlap if needed.
​ ​
Mini LED Indicators in the upper right corner of the Front Panel alert you to: 1) clipping the power section and the LIMIT circuit is being activated (YELLOW). 2) the amp overheating due to excessive Output or settings for prolonged periods (RED). 3) the amp’s Pilot light indicating the AC MAINS Power has been switched on (BLUE).
​ ​
The on-board Effects Suite includes three effects choices: ROOM REVERB, HALL REVERB and REVERB AND CHORUS. These effects programs create many ways to add spatial enhancement to the sound of your instrument while the PARAMETER Controls provide unique adjustment of specific effect functions in each of the three modes. The FX MASTER control determines the overall mix of the effects to the dry signal to achieve the desired dry/wet blend.


A single SPEAKER OUTPUT to ensure the maximum 300 watt output power is provided via the optimized internal 4 Ohm speaker load.

A Channel MUTE FTSW Jack is provided to allow remotely controlled muting of the Channels. The MUTE FTSW Input is fitted with a stereo (Tip / Ring / Sleeve) jack with the Tip controlling Channel 1 MUTE and the Ring controlling Channel 2 MUTE. 
​ ​
FX LOOP SEND & RETURN Jacks. These mono jacks are provided as a Parallel Loop interface for connecting external effects processors and pedal effects between the amp’s preamp and power section. Both the SEND (Output) and RETURN (Input) are optimized for a Line Level signal, so external processors should have their Input and Output configured for the same signal level whenever possible. The FX SEND level is controlled by each channel’s Front Panel FX SEND control. The FX SEND can also be used as an additional Line Level Output when nothing is connected to the FX RETURN Jack.​ ​

A comprehensive, studio-quality DIRECT OUTPUT Section. Channel 1 & 2 have dedicated XLR Outputs with PRE/POST EQ, MIC or LINE LEVEL and GROUND or PIN 1 LIFT switches. Additionally, a third XLR Jack, with Ground or Pin 1 Lift Switch, delivers a properly summed output of both channels preset to POST EQ & POST FX and switchable between MIC & LINE level.​

Weight & Dimensions: 12.25" H, 18" W, 13.25" D 30lbs