Mesa Boogie 2x12 Recto Compact Cab

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Mesa Boogie

$ 749.00 

The Mesa/Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet gives you big closed-back cab performance and response from a compact package that's easy to transport. Using a low-profile, modular design, Mesa/Boogie made the 2x12 Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet both convenient and easy to stack with other Rectifier Compact cabs. This closed-back enclosure is constructed from high-grade Baltic birch and contains two V30 speakers for great sound and up to 120 watts of power handling. Whether you're playing crystal-clean passages or blasting mammoth metal riffs through it, the 2x12 Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet is built to perform!

Plenty of low end, plenty of detail:  Players (especially those who dwell in heavier, crunchier realms) demand big performance from their rigs. Unfortunately, speaker-cab performance at lower frequencies usually comes at the cost of monster cabs. Leave it to Mesa to come to the rescue! This closed back 2 x 12" cab delivers an incredible low end that's tight and focused. With the 2x12 
Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet in contact with the floor, you will be amazed how big your sound is! In fact, you'll be shocked that sound this big is possible without a 4 x 12" cab!

Equally suited for monster crunch and delicate clean tones:  Whether you're attacking with drop-tuned aggression or playing exquisitely clean guitar parts, you'll appreciate the 2x12 
Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet. You get a surprising amount of air in the lows, smooth, sultry mids, and top end that's sparkling and open, yet hits hard in all the right spots.

At home in the studio or on the road:  The 2x12 
Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet works as well in the studio as it does onstage. This box delivers increased punch and definition in the lows and mid-treble region. It's capable of producing a thicker, fuller sound that never gets harsh, and, because of its inherent warmth and tight delivery, it records like a dream. When you're hitting the road and you need big tone with a small footprint, take a cab that's built to take what the road can dish out � use the 2x12 Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet.

Mesa/Boogie 2x12 
Rectifier Compact Horizontal Cabinet Features:
  • 120W
  • High-performance V30 speakers
  • Closed-back design for impressive lows
  • 8-ohm
  • Marine-grade Baltic birch cabinet construction
  • Black Taurus vinyl covering,  Black twisted jute grille, Black piping
  • Slip cover included
  • Dimensions: 15-1/4" x 26-3/4" x 12-3/4"   -   50 lbs.