Mesa 5U4GB Rectifier Tube - Short Version

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Mesa Boogie

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*Short Version - 3 3/4" from bottom of base to top of glass.*

The MESA 5U4GB rectifier tube is Mesa's very best overall 5U4 and their tube of choice in the production of all new Mesa amps featuring this tube - Based upon classic 1950's technology, the 5U4GB is a vastly improved 5U4 design that is extremely reliable and consistent, as well as much more compact - It is basically the size of a 6L6 power tube, so please take special care to install them in the correct tube position(s), especially when replacing 6L6's at the same time - This tube produces a "traditional vintage sag" with the most elastic and compressed feel of the two 5U4's that we offer - Amazing feel and exceptional overall quality make this our factory favorite