Lee Oskar Melody Maker Harmonica

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The Lee Oskar Melody Maker harmonica makes playing single-note melodies easy. Great for country, R&B, pop, world beat, reggae, and more, the Melody Maker harmonica is designed to be played in the 2nd (cross harp) position, which lends itself to an expressive, fluid playing style that would be next to impossible to achieve in the 1st position. Many professional players turn to Lee Oskar harmonicas.

Check out the Lee Oskar Melody Maker harmonica, and you'll see why!

Lee Oskar - a harmonica whiz

Lee Oskar was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1948 and received his first harmonica at the age of six. In his late teens, Oskar traveled to America, where he formed the popular funk band War. Lee's iconic hook in the song "Low Rider" is arguably the most memorable harmonica part in rock history. In 1983, Lee formed Lee Oskar Harmonica, crafting harps suited to common genres of music such as blues, rock, country, reggae, pop, and jazz, as well as less common genres such as Eastern European, Gypsy, Yiddish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European/American folk music.

Lee Oskar Melody Maker Harmonica Features at a Glance:

Harmonica designed for 2nd (cross harp) position
Provides a complete major scale for playing exact melodies without bending
Draw notes can be bent to create a bluesy feel
Ideal for country, R&B, pop, world beat, reggae, and more

The Lee Oskar Melody Maker harmonica is tailor-made for melodic playing!