Lava Solder Free Right Angle Pedal Board Kit - Surf Green

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Featuring the smallest right angle and straight solder-free plugs on the market- the Lava Plug and the lowest capacitance patch cable available-Lava Mini ELC, the Lava Solder Free Pedal Board Kit is revolutionary do-it-yourself cable system that provides pure TONE and pedal spacing closer than ever before. Unlike any other similar product on the market, the cable and plug were designed together as a matched pair using a special gounding sleeve instead of set screw for the ground connection.  This grounding sleeve design significantly increases reliability and provides for the best possible connection using solder-free plug technology.  With just four or five easy steps for assembly, the Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit is the ideal choice for any musician wanting reliability and uncompromising tone with virtually no signal loss.  The Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit is Made in the U.S.A.

Lava Cable along with G&H Industries has designed a revolutionary DIY solder-free plug specifically designed with tight tolerances to match the Lava Mini ELC cable. The Lava Plug is first solder-free DIY plug on the market not to use a set screw to make the ground connection. Instead, a sleeve making 360 degree ground and outer jacket contact is used.

This new right angle plug was introduced at the last Summer NAMM show and is the smallest DIY solder-free right angle plug on the market with a body width of .435" allowing for spacing between pedals of less than 1" or less than 1/2" when staggered.

Contains:  10' Mini ELC Cable + 10 Lava Plugs + Stripping Tool