Lava Piston Solder-Free High End Ultramafic Pedalboard Kit

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Lava Cables

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The Lava Piston Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit Contains:  10' Mini Ultramafic Cable + 10 Piston Plugs

Lava Cable’s innovative High-End Piston Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit features the first true high-end cable to be used as part of a solder-free cable and plug system. The Mini Ultramafic consists of 99.95% pure Silver Plated Copper (SPC) 20 AWG conductor and a 98% coverage SPC braided shield. This conductor and shield material provide for higher conductivity and lower resistance, that matched with a designed capacitance of 30 pF/ft significantly reduces signal loss on pedal boards and enables the best possible overall tone of any like product in existence. It’s outer diameter of .195” makes the cable extremely flexible and a perfect match for any pedal board or rack system. This unique kit takes solder-free cable design to the next level.

The Piston right angle plug has been designed to be the smallest possible profile hex set-screw type plug for the music industry. You can now put more pedals than ever before on your pedal board!  The Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit is Made in the U.S.A.

This new right angle plug was is the smallest DIY solder-free right angle plug on the market with a body width of .435" allowing for spacing between pedals of less than 1" or less than 1/2" when staggered.