Lava Tephra Premium Speaker Cable - 2.5 ft.

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Lava Cables

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We here at Humbucker Music deal primarily with very high-end amplifiers. Our customer demand quality speaker cables for their guitar rigs. We searched for the best high end speaker cable we could find for the money and came up with the Lava Tephra speaker cable.

After several years of compiled customer feedback on several different speaker cable types, Lava designed a speaker cable that incorporates all the best features into one.

The Tephra utilizes 8-Conductor, 13 AWG, stranded copper speaker cable designed to enhance speaker response and performance. It also uses G&H speaker plugs that have a thick outer jacket which means this cable is built for extreme durability. This cable puts all other speaker cables to shame!

Check the Tephra out next to your average speaker cable. These things are built to last, and they're 100% Made in the USA!

  • G&H Industries Show Savers™ Jumbo plugs
  • .205” Speaker Clips – tight fitting to all speaker tabs
  • 8 each 99.9% pure BC copper conductors w/ varying strand count, 13 AWG
  • 4% silver solder to maximize signal flow