Lava Retro Coil Metallic Green 20ft Guitar Cable

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Lava Cable, a veteran-owned custom audio cable company, has released a new improved version of its Retro-Coil cable. The new Retro-Coil cable is now 20-feet long - five feet shorter than the initial version to better minimize the choking effect of high capacitance common in all-coil cables due to the large amount of copper used. The Retro-Coil™ now comes in purple, black, and white with more unique colors coming soon. Using a specially annealed, low-strand count oxygen-free copper conductor and G&H Ultra-High Clarity plugs, this cable delivers unmatched sonic performance for a coiled cable. It has been designed to be the lightest, quietest, best-sounding coiled cable on the market, and easily fits in any guitar case or gig bag. This cable is completely made in the U.S.A.

Alex Auxier of Orange Amplification stated this about the new Retro-Coil cable: "Lava's Retro coil cable delivers great sound, and of course looks amazing with an Orange amp, but it offers a utilitarian advantage as well. The coiling makes for no more hassles when bundling and removes the need to worry about getting caught up in messy cords on stage. I'd recommend the Lava Retro coil before any other."

Like all the Lava Cable products, the Retro-Coil cable comes with a lifetime warranty.