Korg OT-12 Chromatic Orchestra Tuner

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Korg OT-12 Tuner

That's right!  This is a "new old stock" unopened Korg OT-12 tuner. We still have two left. 


  • Chromatic tuner designed for classical instruments
  • Dual display with VU-style meter and LCD screen for ideal visibility
  • Needle response speed is adjustable over three stages
  • Sound Back mode produces a reference tone closest to the pitch picked up by the optional contact mic, and shows the difference between the input pitch and reference pitch
  • Multi-temperament function supports historical temperaments
  • Transpose mode convenient for wind instruments
  • 2 types of selectable tuning modes: Auto and Manual
  • Reference pitches can be output as sound
  • Broad range of calibration (349 Hz - 499 Hz)
  • Built-in mic
  • Designed for low power use and extended battery life (normally 100 hours or better with alkaline battery)