JHS Pulp 'n Peel Compressor Pedal

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Compression is one of those effects that really can be a make or break proposition. The right amount can bring out dynamics in your tone that make it really stand out against the average setup whereas too much compression can make it dull and lifeless.

The JHS Pulp and Peel is a tribute to a much coveted vintage comp (if you could not have guessed from the color). With this design your tone is left intact and just the right amount of compression is added. No squashing going on here, just low-noise rich compression. Run it in front or behind your favorite overdrive/distortion and you will be surprised at the dynamics it will bring to the forefront.

With it's simple three knob control layout it is easy to dial in for less tweaking and more playing.

The newest version also features an internal buffer that can be turned off or on depending on how you like to run your board.