JHS Little Black Buffer

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This may be the most important thing in your guitar chain.

Ok, so everyone knows that every guitar player can get a little "pedal happy". And while that in itself isn't a bad thing, it can have some major effect on your tone. When running a pedal board with more than one or two effects pedals you end up with more distance than you realize between your guitar and amp which causes something called capacitance. This is natural problem than happens when your signal has to pass through all of your cable and pedals. This results in a very noticeable amount of high-end loss, weak signal, flabby bass and uncharacteristic pickup behavior in guitars. And don't let "true bypass" fool because it can end up increasing the problem since your signal isn't being boosted by buffered outs on some pedals.

This is were the “Little Black Buffer” steps in providing the perfect input impedance to your rig and giving you the final result of clear, natural tone that sounds like your plugged straight into your amp no matter how many pedals you use.

Plug your guitar straight into the input then out into your pedal chain. No need for a switch!

Runs on any standard 9v supply.