JHS Honey Comb Deluxe Tremolo Pedal - Version 2

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Like its predecessor, the Honey Comb Single, the Honey Comb Deluxe delivers a true vintage tone and feel that is reminiscent of early Fender Blackface and Vox trem circuits.

But don't let that fool you. The Honey Comb Deluxe offers the over the top options for the more demanding Trem user.

There are a few things that make the Honey Comb Deluxe differ from the Honey Comb Single. The first is the addition of an extra LED that shows you the trem rate even while you have the pedal on standby. The second is the additional footswitch which allows you to switch between the different speed controls. It's like having two trems in one! And the third and final addition is a LED above the speed control footswitch. This allows you to know at all times which trem speed setting you are on. When it's green you are on the green knob and when it is red you are on the red knob.. pretty easy.

With the release of the version 2 you now have an internal switch that when flipped up increases the over all trem speed.. or you can leave it down for the stock speed range.