JHS Firefly Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Firefly Fuzz Pedal

Three Transistor Germanium Fuzz

The JHS Firefly Fuzz is JHS's nod to the ever popular Tonebender MKIII of the late 1960's. If you're a fan of classic three transistor Germanium Fuzz pedals or just a fan of great touch sensitive, responsive and rich fuzz tone, then the Firefly Fuzz is what you're looking for!

The Firefly Fuzz features four controls: Volume, EQ, Fuzz and Bias. The Volume is a standard Master Volume control, because the Firefly has a tremendous amount of head room it can also be used as a boost pedal that has the ability to hit pretty hard if needed. The EQ control acts as a high frequency cut control, as you turn it up your tone will get fatter. The Fuzz control does what you would expect it to do, it adds more Fuzz/Distortion. Finally, one of the most useful controls of this pedal is the Bias control. This control is a new feature to the vintage design, and allows you to regulate the voltage to the germanium AC128 transistors. Turned counter-clockwise the pedal will produce loud and powerful tones (this is where that volume knob comes in handy), and turned clockwise the signal becomes more dirty and saturated. Like every Germanium Fuzz pedal, the transistors are subject to change under various temperatures, so the Bias control really helps you regulate and tweak the tone to perfection here as well. All of these controls really add up to a versatile pedal that ca range from bluesy tones to rock and even heavy grinding distortion!

Unlike other Fuzz pedals of this design, JHS has brought one last improvement to the vintage Tonebender design. JHS has adjusted the internal voltage and polarity of the circuit to utilize a normal 9V power supply! No battery, no center positive, it's just ready to join its new friends on your pedal board! They really do think of everything!


  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • Power Consumption: Less Than 100mA
  • Dimensions: 2.2" x 4.3" x 1.5"

*The words/names and models mentioned are for descriptive and historical reference only. The JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz is in no way affiliated with any of the words/names or models mentioned.