JHS Emperor, Chorus Pitch Vibrato Pedal

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JHS Emperor Pedal

Analog Chorus/Vibrato

The JHS Emperor is an extensively versatile analog Chorus and Pitch Vibrato pedal that has a ton of functions such as tap temp, a waveform selector switch, rotary speaker simulation and true stereo output! Its roots are grounded in the coveted vintage Arion SCH-1 and features a 3207 chipset that further expands on true bucket brigade tones. The Emperor expands on vintage analog modulation such as the Boss VB-2, CE-2 and CE-1 to the rare SCH-1.

The Emperor features four controls: Volume, Tone, Speed and Depth. The volume is an input signal cut/boost control. This gives you the flexibility to have your tones sit back in the mix or stand out as needed. The Tone control is a variation of the original SCH-1 tone stack with several adjustments that give it a better sweep, focus and range. The speed control allows you to control the time signature of the modulation and works with the tap tempo switch to make adjustments with ease. The Depth control adjusts the wet/dry mix of the modulation.

Toggle Switches:
There are two toggle switches found in the center of the unit. The Chorus/Vibrato toggle lets you switch between Chorus mode or Vibrato mode. The Waveform selection toggle gives you three waveform options: Sine, Square, Triangle. The three waveforms provide three unique options of Chorus and also three options of Vibrato, making a total of six different modulation settings...all which can be dialed in with tap-tempo. As a starting point, both switches down is true VB-2 style pitch vibrato, both switches up is true SCH-1 chorus.

There are three jacks on the Emperor: Input, Output and Tap/Expression. The Input jack is an instrument input, fairly self explanetory. The Output jack is also self explanetory, however, it allows you to use a TRS splitter cable to run out to two amps for a true stereo modulation. Finally, the Tap/Expression Input allows you two options: either running an external Tap Tempo Switch which can be used in conjunction with other tap tempo compatible pedals to set your tempo across your entire pedal board, or you can be used with a TRS expression pedal to control the pedals speed and will have a very natural rotary simulation effect when in Chorus mode. You can select between these two modes using the internal toggle witch labeled "TAP/EXP".

True Bypass & Buffered Bypass Options:
The Emperor can utilize true-bypass on/off switching OR buffered bypass switching. The footswitch on the bottom left of the pedal turns the effect on/off. Internally you will find a small dip-switch that lets you select true bypass or buffered bypass. If you want you use the Emperor with a TRS Splitter for stereo use, you will have to use the Buffered bypass setting. Stereo output will not function when the pedal is in true-bypass mode. The Emperor will ship set to buffered bypass. The buffer is a high quality buffer designed to keep the integrity and tone of your original signal in place while driving your signal so that no degradation occurs in your rig.


  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • Power Consumption: Less Than 100mA
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2"