JHS Double Barrel Dual Overdrive Pedal - Version 3

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TheJHS Double Barrel Pedal was essentially created to solve a problem. It seems like every player is always on the hunt for more versatility when it comes to overdrive/distortion. It's amazing how many pedals we end up with on our boards onlt to still be missing that one sound.

It's really two great pedals in one! The right side is a modified TS808 circuit where the tone control has been greatly modified to bring out greater presence and a warmer overall tone. The left side is JHS's own Morning Glory transparent overdrive pedal. If having two choices in overdrives was not already enough, check out what happens when the two overdrives are stacked. The amount of flexibility is absolutely insane. All the tone shaping parameters for both sides are still active when they are both run at the same time giving you endless control over the sound.

If stacking wasn't enough already, you also have the ability to change the order at which the sides are run. Honestly, in terms of overdrive if you are not able to get the sound that you are looking for out of the Double Barrel you may be searching forever.