JHS Charlie Brown Overdrive Pedal - Version 3

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It is hard to imagine where the world of Rock & roll would be if the Marshall JTM-45 had never existed.  The rich overdrive produced by these amps have made them nothing short of iconic. While it may be tough to track down an original intact JTM-45 without eating bologna sandwiches for the foreseeable future, JHS may have come up with a more practical solution.

The Charlie Brown Overdrive is their tribute to this great tool of rockdom. The gain control on this pedal is set up in a way that allows the player to adjust it and get the same linear response that we all love from tube amps. Below the halfway point the Charlie Brown produces a slightly dirty rich overdrive. As the gain is increased the drive is meaner and more saturated just like we like it.

With the presence control there is no need to worry about the signal becoming too muddy as is the case with many overdrive pedals. A small adjustment and instantly all the shimmer is still there. Roll off the volume for a round warm clean or crank it up for a rich classic crunch.