JHS Bun Runner Dual Fuzz Pedal - Version 2

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The Bun Runner came about from a collaboration with Josh at JHS and Switchfoot's Drew Shirley for Drew to use on the "Hello Hurricane" Tour. Drew wanted a pedal that could produce a lot of fuzz and end result was the Bun Runner. On the left side you have the JHS Astro Mess Fuzz and on the right you have a heavily modifier Tonebender that has germanium fuzz, warmth, character, and fullness that is only found on this pedal.

The Astro side puts all of the modern, gated and heavy fuzz you would ever need at the touch of a foot (as well as 8 bit tones galore when you need it). With the plenty of blistering gain and volume on tap the Astro Mess tilts it's hat to some of your favorite high gain fuzz pedals.

The Tonebender side is an achievement in Tonebender circuits that can do everything from Zeppelin style riffs to a lush natural overdrive with no problem. The bias knob is nothing like what you normally see on Tonebender replicas. It allows you to dial in big fat overdrive all the way to a thick wall of fuzz bliss. And you will find the tone control to be more useful as well. That's right, you can actually use it as a tone shaping tool instead of a harshness remover.

The controls on the Tonebender side are Volume, Tone, Fuzz, and Bias while the Astro Mess is the same as the stand alone pedal. This pedal runs on a 9v power supply.