JHS Astro Mess Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Pedals

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JHS Astro Mess

The JHS Astro Mess is a big sounding silicon fuzz box that yields both vintage and modern fuzz tones from a single box. Featuring plenty of high gain fuzzy goodness, the JHS Astro Mess also has a switch for adding a gate into the circuit that allows for sputtery-gated fuzz for the experimentalist. The JHS Astro Mess is the result of Switchfoot's Drew Shirley asking JHS to design him a fuzz pedal. Keeping that in mind, JHS came up with an enormous sounding fuzz pedal that can produce thick, sustaining fuzz or gated sputtery fuzz and everything in between. The JHS Astro Mess is a great pedal that will turn heads, for the better or for the worse.