JHS Alpine Reverb Pedal

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JHS - Alpine Reverb

Sky Pedals Cloud 9 Redesigned Dual Reverb Pedal

The JHS Alpine Reverb is a lush and dynamic dual reverb pedal that provides plenty of tonal options, as well as inputs and outputs of the reverb signal path. The Alpine Reverb gets its roots from the Sky Pedals' Cloud 9 reverb, but with even more versatility and features!

The Alpine Reverb features five controls, Reverb, Depth, Length, Highs and Shift. The standard controls are the Reverb, which controls the wet/dry mix to control the saturation level of your reverb, the Depth that controls the 'Space' of the reverb and the Length which controls the dwell of the reverb and shapes how the reverb will trail off.

The Highs control is a new tone shaping feature that is essentially a Highpass Filter that allows you to control the amount of shimmer in your signal. Finally, the Shift control allows you to set an additional level of reverb as a foot switchable preset and is engaged using the right foot switch. This allows you to set two different levels of reverb that are easily accessible. It can also be assigned, using internal controls, to engage the EFX loop. This allows you to run what ever pedal you would like into the reverb signal and control when it's engaged with the second foot switch.

EFX Loop:
The EFX Loop on this pedal allows you to run any pedal you want into the reverb signal using a TRS splitter cable. This provides you with unlimited possibilities! There is also an internal switch which allows you to select whether the EFX Loop is "Always On", meaning that the EFX Loop will be engaged with both sides of the pedal all the time or you can assign it to just turn on when the "Shift" mode is engaged.

Trails & Buffered Bypass:
The Alpine features a high quality buffered bypass to restore signal loss from the impedance of your rig. In doing this it not only restores lost signal, but allows the sound to "Trail" off gradually, rather than cut out abruptly when turning the pedal off.


  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • Power Consumption: 100mA
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2"