Jackson Ampworks McFly MKII Head & Cab- Surf Green

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Jackson Ampworks

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The Jackson McFly uniquely features a 6SN7 preamp tube as well as a 6SN7 phase inverter tube. This 8 pin tube was the precursor to the modern 9 pin 12AX7 style preamp tubes that are common. It is in large part why the McFly has such a wide frequency response. With the McFly, your low-end will remain crystal clear and punchy at frequencies well past the low E string on your guitar and your high end will breathe openly.

The preamp circuit, which has two operating modes (50’s and 60’s) gives you two distinct modes with which to sculpt your tone. The 60’s mode is the cleaner of the two modes and will give you more headroom and is perfect for musical styles where a warm vintage Blackface type clean tone is desired. The 50’s mode is more aggressive and has more preamp gain which gives the McFly its beautiful Tweed tone! In the 50’s mode you’ll notice that notes sustain longer and will often lead into sweet controlled feedback.



  Clean Overdriven
6V6 13W 18W
6L6-GC 25W 40W
BOTH 46W 70W

1x12 Dual Ported Cab

This 1x12 Dual Ported cabinet is impressive. It was designed to be a small, lightweight cab that delivers solid bottom end out of a single speaker. It delivers mids and highs like a well designed open back cab, while emphasising lows that are smooth and punchy like a classic 4x12 cab. They features two ports that run vertically along the left and right side of the cabinet and allows the sound waves that come from the back of the speaker to be directed via precise baffles and shelves out the front of the cabinet. Months of research and development went into creating precise dimensions for the ports that ensure that the sound waves coming from the ports are in phase with the sound waves coming from the front of the speaker. These sound waves when aligned with each other work to augment and fatten the tone of the speaker!

These cabs are constructed with 13-ply Baltic Birch and feature Dovetail joints for unparalleled strength, rigidity and tone. Also included is an all steel handle that is recessed into the cabinet for easier carry, a genuine Switchcraft jack for reliable operation and 12AWG speaker wire for unrestricted tone and performance.

Dimensions: 22" wide, 17" Tall, 11.5" Deep
Weight: 24 lbs unloaded