Greer Ghetto Stomp Overdrive Distortion Pedal

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$ 149.99 

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The Greer Ghetto Stomp Overdrive Distortion Pedal was created to sound and feel like Tweed or old Valco natural amp breakup. The Ghetto Stomp is very responsive to the guitar's volume knob, and can make it's way into the range of fuzz and distortion. But it does this while retaining the feel of natural tube amp breakup and sag. Gain, Tone, and Level knobs allow the player a great amount of flexibility. This pedal is wonderful in meshing with one's current overdrive sound and can even be used as a rhythm distortion. The Ghetto Stomp stacks beautifully with other drives, as well. Fat and lovely, this is the player's pedal.

The Greer Ghetto Stomp is named after a dance from days gone by, often seen beneath the street lights of rhythm and blues clubs, the Ghetto Stomp is a proud tribute to those that loved music, and couldn't afford to pay to see bands play, but wanted to dance the night away.  

Enclosure Dimensions (in):  4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06"
Power:  9 volt neg. center pin ONLY.  
Current draw:  6mA.