Gibraltar SC-GRSSRA Stackable Right Angle Clamp

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$ 19.99 


Joins Two Tubes on the Same Plane

Add a pair of these stackable right-angle clamps to your drum rack to expand into double-bass territory or envelop yourself in auxiliary percussion. The Gibraltar SC-GRSSRA is what's used in Gibraltar's double-bass racks. In twos, its connects two crossbars to a common center pole on the same plane. The extensions pivot up to 90 degrees to accommodate wraparound rack orientations.

Gibraltar SC-GRSSRA Drum Rack Clamp Features:

  • Stackable right-angle clamp
  • Adds sides to and extends out your drum rack
  • Used in pairs, connects two horizontal bars to a common center pole on the same plane
  • Great for double-bass racks and wraparound setups
  • Pivots up to 90 degrees
  • Black finish