Fulltone Fulldrive 2 V2 Overdrive Pedal

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The Fulltone Full-Drive 2 has always been one of the top Fulltone pedal sellers, and that's because it has always been a Tube-Screamer type pedal killer. With it's natural tube amp like overdrive, it's graced some of the most revered pedalboards on the planet. The V2 (version 2) brings about a separate volume control for Drive 2, making it much easier to balance the two modes.

-Not only does V2 have a separate volume control for Drive 2 channel, it has a ton of clipping Modes including:
-Comp-Cut (CC), the warmer '90s version, which is anything-but transparent, and pummels your amp’s input.
-Vintage Mode (VIN) with its slightly asymmetrical, fat, warm sound.
-Flat-Mids (FM), the warmer, fatter FM from the late '90s/early 2000s.
-WIDE mode, more open, more bottom-end, more clarity.

Half-Clipped (HC) mode, where the bass notes are less distorted and the higher notes sing for days.
Features include a JRC4558 opamp, full-size audiophile-grade capacitors, internal battery cradle, 9-18VDC operation, a tiny bullet-proof steel enclosure, top-mounted jacks, and True-Bypass using our own Fulltone 3PDT footswitch.
This is the one pedal you could take to any session or gig and have every sound you’d need at your disposal. 


  • 16-gauge cold-rolled steel enclosure
  • Based around the desirable JRC4558 chip and 1990s Full-Drive circuit, with 2 toggle switches for many more sonic options
  • 30% smaller than the FD2-MOS, 15% smaller than the FD3 at only 4.45" wide x 4" deep