Dr. Z Antidote Amplifier Head - Black


Dr. Z

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Please Note:  The Dr. Z Antidote has been discontinued  We're leaving this page here for historical reference.


The Dr. Z Antidote comes as a head only. Essentially, it's Dr. Z's nod to the early classic Marshall tones.  Not exactly '59 Bassman or JTM45, but definitely in that neighborhood.  

The Antidote uses two KT66 output tubes that produce 45 watts of power.  It also features a Modern/Vintage switch.  When the switch is in the Modern setting, the tone is reminiscent of EL34 powered JTM type amps, with more pronounced mids.  When in the Vintage setting, the amp more closely resembles a Bassman in it's response, and the tone is a bit more balanced and warmer overall. 

The Dr. Z Antidote uses a "blended volume" layout as opposed to a Gain/Master Volume you see on most amps.  Remember the old Marshall Plexi heads with multiple inputs that you would jumper to get the tone and crunch you were looking for? Now it's built in. 

David Holt says, "The Antidote combines the tones of two of my favorite amps: The Fender Blackface Bassman, and a Marshall 50 watt head.  It's sound is truly unreal."

With 45 watts of tube output, this is certainly not a bedroom amp. In Dr. Z's own words, "You'll need to put on your big big pants to play this one!" 


Power Output:   45 Watts
Power Tubes:  2 x KT66
Preamp Tubes:  3 x 12AX7
Rectifier Tube:  GZ34
Controls:  Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Volume High, Volume Normal, Vintage/Modern Switch
Speaker Outs:  4, 8, 16 Ohms
Features: Footswitchable EQ Tonestack Bypass

Dimensions:  19" Wide   9.75" High   9.5" Deep
Weight:  30 lbs