Divided By 13 AMW 39 Head, Black, Cream V

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Divided By 13

$ 3,199.00 

Get your Divided by 13 AMW 39 Head from Humbucker Music, a premium dealer with a huge selection of Divided by 13 Amplifiers for sale.

The AMW 39 features vintage Marshall tone but with extended and tighter available low end, more variable and refined midrange, sweeter and crisper highs, and an increased dynamic response and single note definition rarely heard before. Not to be misunderstood as simply an overdrive amp, AMW 39 also produces large, bell-like clean, to traditional medium drive, to punishing, brutal, classic overdrive. With a highly usable master volume, the AMW 39 is definitely a winner.


Hand wired all USA construction using top shelf components
39 Watts, Class AB1
Single Channel
Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume
Preamp Tubes: 12AX7

Power Tubes: 2 x EL34
Rectifier Tube: 5AR4/GZ34
4, 8, 16 Ohm output

Dimensions and Weight: : 22" W x 11.25" H x 8" D, 36 lbs