Diamond ST-MIX Pedal

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The ST-MIX is an accessory pedal that integrates the Memory Lane delay and other stereo effect pedals into a multi-amp stereo sound field setup. A special PAN IN input allows the user to place the output of an effect anywhere between two amplifiers - this makes it possible for example to run a stereo chorus wide out to two amps while placing a mono delay output in between the two amps. Multiple output path options including a straight-through bypass for the left channel allow optimization for particular multi-amp setups, with integral transformer isolation for the right channel to mitigate ground loop hum. A phase footswitch allows on the fly in-phase / out-of-phase switching of the left-right output channels.

The ST-MIX ships standard with a DC patch cable for integration between the Memory Lane (or Halo) power source (AC adapter or pedal power supply), and the Memory Lane or Halo.

    Click Here for the Diamond ST-MIX Manual