Diamond J-Drive MK3 Pedal

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The J-Drive MK3 is a combination clean boost/overdrive. It's original concept began as the happy marriage of an overdrive with a separately switchable clean boost - a clean boost that could be used on its own or as a means to overdrive the overdrive as a solo boost. The limited edition J-Drive TR expanded on this idea by adding the ability to transform the clean boost circuit into a higher gain treble boost. Unfortunately, the avaliability of NOS 2N388 JAN mil spec germanium transistors and careful gain selection for those limited the TR's long term production. The TR did introduce a new, more liquid drive section that Diamond really liked, and one that was not reliant on limited avaliability components. The J-Drive MK3 has been design to incorporate that same TR overdrive circuit, including Schottky diode clipping, bright shelf EQ and transformer output smoothing, along with a new two-transistor clean boost section. This amazing new MK3 unit combines both concepts from the orginal J-Drive and the TR. The ultimate new overdrive unit.

    Click Here for the Diamond J-Drive MK3 Manual