Diamond Marquis Treble / Clean Boost Pedal



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The Marquis is based on the boost section of a popular, but very limited edition Diamond pedal - the J-Drive TR which is in turn based on classic treble booster circuits. Like the TR, the Marquis features a 2n388 Germanium transistor and the option to select from a classic Germanium Treble Boost or a clean, full range boost. Each of the two modes offers a distinctly different sound and each is particularly suited to achieving different results.

TREBLE BOOST - It may not be what you think!

When people hear the term "treble boost pedal", unsurprisingly they often assume that it simply boost treble frequencies. Why not simply turn up the treble control on your amp? Unfortunately the term treble booster is a bit of a misnomer. Germanium based Treble Boost pedals generally cut some low end while boosting upper mids. They also tend to introduce a certain amount of grit or overdrive of their own. Running this 'hot' signal into an already overdriven tube amplifier (or a good overdrive pedal) produces a completely different result from simply turning up a treble control and is responsible for some of the most well know guitar tones of the '60's and '70's providing increased overdrive and sustain along with a characteristic sonic signature.