Diamond Cornerstone Overdrive Pedal

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$ 179.00 
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The all new Cornerstone Overdrive from Diamond is a true bypass "variable personality" drive that is capable of serving up drive from a low gain grit to searing leads. With its dual grain control you are able to independently and interactively blend the two unique gain stages for a wide range of harmonically complex distortion tones. With the use of the midrange cut/boost knob and bright switch you are able to unlock an even wider variety of tonal doors.


Effects the overall out put of the pedal.

Gain 1:
Designed to be similar to a "preamp" gain stage.

Gain 2:
Designed to be similar to "power tube" saturation with a wider range.

Effects the level of midrange cut and boost

Bright (BRT) Switch:
Changes the contour of the treble for switching between Single-coil and Humbucker pickups.