Custom Audio OD-100 SE Plus

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Built to Rock, the Custom Audio OD-100 SE Plus (Special Edition) was designed at a time when Rock and Metal were emerging and players were seeking flexibility and alternatives to traditional amplifier designs. The SE+ delivers a variety of classic and modern tonalities to suit today’s aggressive and drop-tuning playing styles. Offering everything from punchy Blackface™ era cleans, to well defined high-gain and Metal style overdrive tones.

The road-proven OD-100 SE+ is hand-built and features two footswitchable independent channels, a tube-buffered effects loop, a “Plexi-style” output transformer and powered by four EL-34 power tubes for 100 watts of pure tube tone.

Channel 1 (Clean) - All of the OD and PT amplifiers are based on a Class A/B Blackface style circuit. This channel is voiced to produce warm and punchy tones. Lower Gain 1 settings produce sparkling cleans. Higher Gain 1 settings deliver crunchy rhythm sounds, from Texas Blues to Glam Rock.

Channel 2 (Overdrive) - This is the Metal channel. This channel is voiced specifically to deliver a diverse range of tones, from a Blues crunch to hi-gain Rock, to over the top Heavy Metal with exceptional definition. Channel 2 responds dynamically to your instrument's volume control by offering a variety of shading from heavily saturated to gritty clean.

Feedback - A speaker dampening control, that adjusts the overall feel of the power amp section. Turning it clockwise from the center offers a tighter more aggressive response. Turning it counterclockwise from center makes it spongier with more of a vintage sag and feel.

Effects Loop - The OD-100 SE+ comes standard with a tube buffered series effects loop which performs well with pedals and line-level rack gear. The return level control acts as the SE+’s master volume while the channel level controls become your send levels.

Whomp II Select Switch - Selects the amount of low-end resonance added to your amplifiers overall sound.

Footswitch - The OD-100 SE+ comes equipped with a dual footswitch for remote control of channel selection and between Channel 1 / Channel 2 and Boost 2. A stereo (TRS) cable is provided.

Output: OD-100 SE+: Watts RMS
Tubes: OD-100 SE+: four-EL34 & six-12AX7
Front Panel:
Ch 1: Input, Boost 1, Bright 1, Gain 1, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level 1
Ch 2: Bright 2, Gain 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Level 2, Boost 2, Channel Select
Back Panel: Power, Fuse / Power Entry Module, Standby / Standback, H.T. Fuse, Speaker Outputs, (4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω), Feedback, Whomp II, Effects Loop Level Return, Return and Send jacks and Footswitch
Dimensions: 28.5” x 11.25” x 9.5”
Weight: 55 lbs.
Included Accessories: Dual Footswitch, Footswitch Cable, Cover and Power Cable