Horizon Custom Split Speaker Cable for Dr. Z Amps

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Rapco Horizon

$ 21.99 

This cable allows you to connect an external speaker cab to a Dr. Z combo amplifier.  As well, it will allow you to connect two cabs to a Dr. Z head. 

It's wired parallel, meaning if you plug two 8 ohm loads into the female jacks, you will then have a 4 ohm load at the single male jack.

We had these cables manufactured by Horizon Cables, so they're all USA made and they come with a lifetime warranty.  Good stuff!

Instructions for connecting to a Dr. Z Combo with an additional external speaker:

Most Dr. Z combo amps
(but not all, mind you) are loaded with an 8 ohm speaker, which is connected to the 8 ohm output jack on the back of the amplifier.  If you want to add an additional speaker cab to this amp and run a 2x12 configuration, you can take this cable and plug the internal speaker into one of the female jacks on the Y, and then plug the speaker cable from your 8 ohm external cab into the other female jack of the Y.  Then, since you'll have a 4 ohm combined load, you'll need to plug the Y cable's male jack into the 4 ohm output of the amplifier.