Carol-Ann Triptik-2 LP Head - Red

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This Carol-Ann Triptik 2 head is a 50-watt true rock amp that is capable of reproducing both timeless classic rock tones to modern high gain tones with a super tight and crushing low end. The design of this amplifier is a true ground up design and has not been inspired by any other amplifier out there. It is an original back to the drawing board design.

​Available in two models, the LP (Low Power) Version will run EL34/6L6//KT77/KT66 for 50W and 6V6 for 18W or the HP (High Power) version that will run with EL34/6L6/KT77/KT66 for 100W and KT88/6550 for 130W. Tube selection is achieved by an internal switch setting on the AutoBiasMon board and is possible by the customer, as is retubing. Thanks to the AutoBiasMon system, biasing the amp is simply achieved by pressing a button and letting the amp calibrate itself for the perfect bias for the tubes and wall voltage.

The unique gain structure uses 6 preamp tubes (as opposed to 4 in the previous version) and no solid state clipping. The clean and OD channels have separate Gain controls that allow you to scale the amount of drive from the channels to suit your guitar and playing style. The noise floor even at the highest gain settings sets new standards for high gain amplifiers and uses no noise reduction or noise gating circuitry, just a brilliant innovative design coupled the best components available in a perfect layout.

The overdrive from this amp is generated by running each gain stage to their absolute extreme, just keeping them this side of instability. Like a fine tuned racing engine. This helps preserve the dynamic range, keeps noise to a minimum and emphasizes the harmonic overtones of each note without ever sounding bright or harsh.

The Clean Channel on this amp uses a paralleled triode input stage (similar to the Satin model) to give excellent signal to noise and a very large dynamic range. By pushing the gain control a little , it is possible to get some slightly broken clean tones too from this channel. It also takes Overdrive pedals extremely well.

The amp features two identical overdrive channels with a common eq. This allows you to easily dial rhythm tones and lead tones without massive differences in tonal character. This amp is capable of much more gain range than its previous version and can get from super smooth to all out aggressive very easily.

The tones controls on all channels are very effective and the center points of each one perfect for the exact frequency bands that will push the amp through any mix.

​The Triptik 2 features the AutoBiasMon, an automatic biasing feature and tube monitoring system. This makes tube change a breeze and the amplifier visually lets you know if its running optimally or not , depending on the wall voltage and state of the power tubes. By pressing a button on the back, the amp will recalibrate itself in order to run optimally. You can read more about this feature here or see a video demonstration here.

​This Triptik 2 features a Tri-Color visual front panel channel indicator and a push button front panel channel changer that allows you to scroll through the channels. when the foot controller is attached the front panel channel indicator still operates, but the switch is disabled

All models come with a 4 button foot controller that is attached via a 3 pin xlr mic cable. An optional 5 button controller is also available with effects loop switching. This model is fully compatible with our MI-01 MIDI interface.

​Visually this amp has a clean and classy black / gold look featuring vintage style black tolex and gold grille cloth with gold metal mesh and handle. Faceplates and logo are contrasting black and gold.

As with all our amplifiers, the Triptik is built entirely by hand and features a non-PCB main audio board, and hard wired chassis mounted controls and tube sockets.


Available in 50W/18W or 100W/130W models

A Gain : This sets the overall input level for the clean channel from super clean up to slightly crunchy.
B/C Gain: This sets the overall input level for the OD channels. This allows the amount of overdrive available through the overdrive gain controls to be scaled. This allows the amplifier to be set up as a blues amp, classic rock amp, classic metal amp or modern high gain metal amp.
CH A Bass, Middle & Treble: Clean Channel Tone Controls.
CH B & C Bass, Middle & Treble: OD Channels Tone Controls.
Gain B: Overdrive channel B gain control.
Gain C: Overdrive channel B gain control.
CH A Master: Master Volume for Clean Channel.
CH B Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.
CH C Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.
Lead Master: Footswitchable Lead Master Volume for OD Channels.
Presence: Global Presence Control.
Channel Indicator: 3 Color LED on front Panel indicating the currently selected channel.
Channel Switch: Front Panel channel Switch that allows you to scroll through the three channels. Connecting the foot controller deactivates this switch.
Footswitch Socket: Heavy duty 3 pin XLR connector for footswitch.
Footswitch: Channel A, Channel B, Channel C and Lead Master with LEDs. (Optional 5 button features switchable/programmable efx loop)
EFX Loop: A full tube buffered Serial Effects Loop is included as standard. This loop uses an NOS 12AU7 tube and is the latest version of our loop.
​EFX Loop Switching: The efx loop can be switched on/off via the optional 5 Button Foot controller or using the MI-01 MIDI Interface.
Input Voltage: All Amplifiers are designed as Touring Class Amplifiers and can operate on 110-120V or 220-240V mains power. Please specify with the Dealer when ordering.