Carol-Ann Triptik-2 HP Head - Black

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The Triptik V2 is a boutique hand built all-tube amp aimed at gigging and recording musicians who cover many styles, but with more of an emphasis on rock, hard rock and metal styles. It is the first amplifier to feature the new AutoBiasMon system, a fully automatic biasing and tube monitoring system. This means players will never again be plagued with bad tone due to variances in wall voltage. Power Tube changes and rebiasing now becomes a 2 minute breeze!

Clean? - The clean channel (Channel A) is remarkably clean, with a very musical tone loaded with plenty of sparkle and shimmer. This channel also makes for a great pedal platform and it's able to handle a strong signal before breaking up, thus playing very well with most overdrive and distortion pedals. 

Overdrive? -
The Triptik covers early Marshall classic rock tones to the most aggressive modern metal. It achieves it's gain a little different than other amps. Many like to cascade high numbers of gain stages to produce distortion, and it works, but in the process a considerable amount of your tone and dynamics are lost. Alan generates his overdrive through a superior design. He runs each gain stage to its extreme, just keeping them this side of instability. This method preserves your dynamics which drastically improves your ability to cut through the mix. It also helps keep noise to a minimum and emphasizes the harmonic overtones of each note. 

Operation of Overdrive Channels (B & C) - The overdrive channels consist of two identical channels (Channel B and Channel C) with a very wide and complex sound stage with no buzz or brittle high frequencies. These channels have more gain and bottom end for those seeking modern heavy rhythm or dropped tunings while retaining incredible sustain and harmonic bloom.

Each overdrive channel also has it's own OVERDRIVE control so you can independently set the amount of gain/overdrive for each channel. As well, each overdrive channel has it's own master volume, MASTER-B, and MASTER-C. And if that wasn't enough, it also has a LEAD MASTER control!

Operation of the Lead Master Control - You can tell Alan has done his share of gigging! The LEAD MASTER is a footswitchable feature that allows you to override the master volume for whatever overdrive channel you are on. Let's say you're on overdriven Channel B. The MASTER-B knob is set at 1:00 o'clock. You can have the LEAD MASTER set at 3:00 o'clock and when you hit the footswitch, the Triptik's volume will jump to the 3:00 o'clock setting. As well, if you have the LEAD MASTER knob set at 9:00 o'clock, the volume will drop down to the 9:00 o'clock setting when you hit the footswitch.

  •  LP Model can run EL34/6L6/KT77 for 50W or 6V6 for 18W

  •  HP Model can run EL34/6L6/KT77 for 100W or KT/88/6550 for 130W

  •  3 Channels with Independent EQ for Clean and OD and Separate Master Volumes

  •  Silent Microcontroller Controlled Relay Switching

  •  6 x Preamp Tubes (5x12AX7, 1xNOS 12AU7)

  •  Beautiful Clean Channel that can go from crystal clean to a little bit crunchy with a parallel triode input stage for super low noise floor and tons of headroom.

  •  OD Channels can be scaled from a blues monster to a classic rock legend to an all out modern fire breather with ultra tight low end. Can be dialed in for super smooth to very aggressive.

  •  Separate Input Level Controls for Clean and Overdrive

  •  Small Box Head Shell (20”)

  •  Switchable Tube Buffered Efx Loop using NOS 12AU7

  •  4 Button Electronic Foot Controller (5 Optional) uses standard 3 Pin XLR cable

  •  Front Panel Channel Switch and Tri-Color LED for when the foot controller is not connected. 

  •  AutoBiasMon System with Tri-color LED and Calibrate Button, calculates and controls the perfect bias point for the power tubes fully automatically. Also monitors power tube condition

  • 1 x 8 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm
  • 21" W x 10.25" D x 10" H (minus feet)