Carol-Ann Silk 1x12 Combo - Custom Black

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$ 1,995.00 


The new Carol-Ann Silk 1x12 Combo is a low power, grab and go combo that shares quite a bit in common with the popular Carol-Ann Satin model. Like its big brother, it is a clean American voiced circuit designed with pedal lovers in mind. At 18 watts (2 x 6V6 fixed bias) it is the perfect mix of power and voicing for a wide range of players, but where we really see this model coming in handy is with players looking for a clean, stripped down platform for pedals.

The voicing could be described as classic blackface Fender but with a tighter, more focused dynamic. Even cranked there is still plenty of note definition and punch. Add a good overdrive pedal and you have the perfect combination of crunch and note clarity. 

The design features an highly effective master volume which allows independent control of the preamp and power section. Like so many players already know, this is crucial when it comes to dialing in the breakup point of the amp at a given volume. It is equally useful for the player who does the majority of their playing at home as the folks playing gigs. Reverb is also added to the circuit for even more flexibility. 

Though 18 watts might seem a bit on the light side in terms of power, the Silk has plenty of clean headroom and with its tight, punchy response it cuts through the mix nicely. 

The Silk features point to point style eyelet board construction and chassis mounted tube sockets and pots. Like all Carol-Ann amps, it is built by hand by the same guy who designed it, Alan Phillips.


3 Band EQ
Tube Driven Reverb
Presence Control 
Level/Master Volume Controls
2 x 6V6 Power tubes
2 x 12AX7, 1x5751, 1x12AT7 Pre-amp Tubes
Speaker: 1x12 Celestion G12 Greenback
Weight:  31 lbs