Carol-Ann Satin 50 Watt Head

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$ 2,795.00
Now Only $ 2,295.00 
A new Carol-Ann Satin head for only $2295?  That's right! This is last year's model (still brand spankin' new in the box) that does not have the new AutoBiasMon feature.  It does, however, have the BiasMon, which pretty darn awesome in it's own right.  This head still sounds EXACTLY the same as a 2017 Satin, so get it at this price wile you can!


The new Satin is an all tube 'pedal platform' aimed at gigging, studio and home musicians alike. The amp uses parallel triode gain stages throughout the dry signal for extremely low noise and high headroom. Features include a unique parallel signal 4 stage tube spring reverb and a very responsive 'Feel' control that varies the tightness of the power amp to reflect your playing style. Foot switchable mid boost and reverb through the 2 Button Footswitch add to the versitilty while the single LED BiasMon System allows you to monitor the operation of your power tubes at any time.

  • 3 Band EQ
  • Gain Control sets the input level sensitivity
  • Master Volume Control
  • Master Presence Control
  • Master 'Feel' control
  • 4 Gain Stage Parallel Reverb that does not affect dynamic range or noise floor.
  • 3 spring long tank reverb pan
  • Small Box Head Shell (20”)
  • 6L6 50W/100W Power Amp
  • 3x12AX7, 1x5751, 1 x 12AT7 Preamp
  • BiasMon System with single 3 color LED and Control, monitors Cathode Current, Plate Voltage and Screen Dissipation to give a visual indication of correct operating point for the tubes at any time.
  • 2 Button Foot Controller