Carol-Ann OD3 Head in Ivory - 100 Watt

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Carol-Ann OD3 Amp Head

100 Watt, 3 Channel, 6L6 Powered, Low Noise

The OD3, 100 watt is a power house of awesome 6L6 tone and is designed for the professional stage musician. Like all Carol-Ann amps the OD3 meticulously handwired for performance, durability and tone. Like the OD2 Series, the OD3 is a sonically versatile amp with a wide range of ground covered, from country to metal, but adds an updated clean channel!

The clean channel features warm, rich tones with a percussive attack, perfect for use with pedals or just producing great cleans. The Overdrive channels are where this amp shines and are rich with harmonic notes, rarely experienced with amps of similar overdrive amps. On Channel B the amount of overdrive is variable from very slight breakup to a heavy rocking rhythm tone. Channel C takes over where Channel B leaves off from a heavy crunch to all out sweetly compressed high gain tone. Note separation and response remain true throughout the full range of gain settings. To add even more versatility the addition of a footswitchable 'Lead Master' allows the player to select a different volume control for lead levels. This Lead Master works on either Overdrive Channel.

Specs & Features:

  • Input Level: This sets the overall input gain for the amp. This affects both channels.
  • CH A: Bass, Middle & Treble: Clean Channel Tone Controls.
  • CH B & C: Bass, Middle & Treble: OD Channels Tone Controls.
  • Gain B: Overdrive channel B gain control.
  • Gain C: Overdrive channel B gain control.
  • CH A Master: Master Volume for Clean Channel.
  • CH B Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.
  • CH C Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.
  • Lead Master: Footswitchable Lead Master Volume for OD Channels.
  • Presence: Global Presence Control.
  • Footswitch Socket: Heavy duty 5 pin XLR connector for footswitch.
  • Footswitch: Clean/OD, B/C and Lead Master with LEDs.
  • EFX Loop: A full tube buffered Serial Effects Loop is included as standard
  • Input Voltage: All OD2 Amplifiers are designed as Touring Class Amplifiers and can operate on 110-120V or 220-240V mains power.
  • Available in 50W or 100W 6L6 Output Tubes